Friday, May 23, 2008

Wow Wow Wow WOW

When Kylie got diagnosed with breast cancer a few years back, I kicked myself for not shelling out for one of her concerts. If anything happened to her, there went my chance of ticking 'Kylie Concert' off my list of things to do before I die. Thankfully she pulled through and when I found out she was playing in Athens, not a force on this earth could have stopped me from going. If I had come down to my last few euros and a choice between food or the Kylie concert, I would have still gone for Kylie.

Last night I went to the Kylie Minogue concert in the Terra Vibe stadium. The ticket arrangement was a little weird - I'm someone who likes to elbow my way to the very front at concerts, and having purchased a EUR 100 ticket as a treat for myself, I found myself in a designated area to the side of the main concert stage. Bizarre! But I later discovered that being on this slope gave you a great view of the concert as a whole package, albeit from a sideways angle.

I had made my way down to the sidelines of the stage to be as close as possible to the stage, but when Kylie appeared, all I could see was the backs of peoples' heads, so I returned to the slopes where I could see better. Just as a note to the organisers, I do still believe that EUR 100 should buy you a prime spot right in front of the stage. Keep it in mind next time!

What a concert though. Today my arms are busted from clapping so much and I was on a mission to lose my voice from singing. Feel sorry for those around me, my singing voice is like a cat being dangled off a cliff by its balls. It was Kylie's first concert in Greece and her first time in Greece too. I wish she was doing more than one date, I would have gone again tonight!

Talent wise, there are many artists who are better than Kylie. But I love her for the same reason I love Bollywood. She's glitzy, glamorous and fun. The sequins! The glitter! The lighting! Plus as I was able to confirm for myself last night that she sings live, and sings live very well. Which is more than anyone can say for that talentless old hag Madonna who charges stupid prices for fans to watch her mime and do yoga on stage.

She's also very tuned in to her audience and dedicated a whole section of the stage show to her huge gay following. I think all of Athens' gay community must have been there last night! Before the concert I watched as straight couples embraced, kissed, held hands, and I hope that one day Athens becomes tolerant enough for the obvious gay couples around me to do the same. We really take our freedom to express our affection for the one we love in public for granted.

Anyway, her concert was an audio visual feast and the energy was amazing. She closed her encore with I Should Be So Lucky, and all us kids of the 80s sang along at the top of our lungs with our memories of bubble perms, Neighbours and Kylie Minogue cassette tapes. Remember those?



Anonymous said...

I saw clips of the concert on the news... can't say I saw in those clips what you describe but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

bollybutton said...

the clips can't do it justice! you had to be there

*heart* kylie :)

Anonymous said...

she was amazing! and I have to say your description of the event and your thoughts are very close to mine. For me some of the top highlights were Step Back in Time and Your Disco Needs You.
I'm sore from shouting and clapping - best time i've had in a concert for ages!
Thanx Kylie!

bollybutton said...

i loved her disco version of spinning around, that was crazy!

stassa said...

And I quote:

"that talentless old hag Madonna who charges stupid prices for fans to watch her mime and do yoga on stage."

Yes! Thank you!

Btw, amen to gay people being able to express feelings freely in Athens. Thanks for saying that. :)

GreekGoddess said...

Crazy fact: I used to go to Greek school on the same street where they shot Neighbours!

I wish Kylie would do a 'homecoming' concert here in Australia!!!

bollybutton said...

really GG? How exciting!!