Friday, May 09, 2008

Birthday List

It's my last Friday as a 25 year old. Last night I went out with my sister and some friends and made a hot mess of myself with a cocktail and a tequila shot. No one was impressed by my lack of drinking ability, but the laugh was on them when I woke up this morning feeling a bit rough but hangover free.
In tribute to my waning days on the right side of 25, here is my birthday wishlist in no particular order:
1. A surprise birthday party. I've been hinting at this ever since last year when Mr Zeus said he'd throw me a beach party for my next birthday. I see no evidence of either a beach party or a surprise birthday party. Men don't get hints. I should have just said "Mr Zeus, throw me a surprise birthday party please." Oh well, a girl can dream, right?
2. A one year supply of regular date nights, preferably involving dancing, or even just walks on the beach.
3. Someone to come in and get rid of all the clutter in our tiny one-person flat. I'd love to wake up and find a minimalist flat one day. I'd love to actually throw things away rather than bump them down to the basement. Damn Occupation Syndrome.
4. A secret admirer. Because every woman should have one of those.
5. A not so secret admirer. Because while secret admirers are good to have, not so secret admirers are better because they tell you they adore you. I'm being selfish but this is a fantasy birthday wishlist. I'd like an admirer to worship me and shower me with compliments and the occasional present.
6. A funky new haircut for the summer. Won't happen, because hairdressers don't invent funky haircuts for curly haired people. Fiends. 
7. Free reign of the roads in Athens. I'd like to actually use my driver's licence instead of just look at it. 
8. Satellite TV. I'm not entirely sure how great an idea that is seeing as when I'm in the UK I can flick through 100 channels and still find nothing worth watching. It's just that I've watched so many Jean Claude Van Dam movies in Athens because that's the only thing in English on TV on particular nights.
9. I would like 15 events this year to which I can wear my dazzling rainbow of saris and traditional clothes. In the UK I could hardly ever wear my trad rags because of a. lack of events b. terrible weather. In Athens, I can't wear them due to lack of social awareness. Whenever I pull out something for a wedding, for example, I'm advised not to wear it because my strange exotic clothes will drag attention away from the bride. Grrr! Get over it!
10. A TV show which involves lots of really hot guys parading around doing pointless things while wearing sequined thongs. I want equality on our screens. Show me some creativity, people. Enough with all the blonde semi-naked ladies on Greek TV from dawn till dusk. Balance the equation a little.
11. A delicious Indian takeaway to open right next door.
12. Fresh corriander to become available in all the laikis and supermarkets.
13. To see all my friends again, together in one place.
14. More tea. I ran out.

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deviousdiva said...

Firstly, I want to wish a very happy last week of being 25 !

And then let me ramble on about your birthday wish list

1: No. Men don't get hints. You have to spell it out, organise it yourself and then pretend it was his idea! lol

2: Can I steal that one?

3: If you find someone, can you tell them...I need them too.

4: You have lots of secret admirers! Believe me.

5: The occasional present! Yeah! The compliments are great but where's the prezzie?

6: lol

7: Just to be able to walk freely would be a start!

8: I had the same experience in England. 5000000000000000 channels and nothing to watch.

9: I think you should where your "dazzling rainbow of saris and traditional clothes" everywhere you go. I'm bored of emo, of trendies and of high heeled power dressers.

Bring on the saris!

10: ooh ooh. Yes. Gotta go and lie down.....


12: DOUBLE YES PLEASE. (notice how I shout louder for coriander than for semi-naked guys?)

13: I really wish that for you and me.

14: I can't live like this! lol.

Wishing you a seriously happy birthday. Hope to catch up with you in real life.

Hope said...

Petros C in Glyfada. Ask for Petro.
He can give you a funky haircut for curly hair. :)

Early birthday wishes!

Anonymous said...

I too send you wishes for your last week of being 25. I will be 28 this summer. How shocking is that?

I think I mentioned to you before about a really good Indian place. It's the Jaipur Palace in Marousi. It's a restaraunt but I'm sure the guy there said they did take away also. The food is really good. I have their business card at work so if you want the address and number, gimme a shout!

As for the naked men thing, there is total equality on TV... have you seen the visa card commercial... the naked dude running around. So really your point is null and void. Haha!

I hope you have a fabulous birthday though Ms. Button whatever it is you end up doing!

smaro said...

A belated happy last week being 25 and a happy first week being 26.
I have to comment on wishlist no6:
it is definitely true, all the sleek, edgy, funky haircuts are only lavished on the straight-haired!! The funkiest they go with curly hair is to thin it out (bad idea), add in a funky new product afterwards (hit and miss), try to blowdry it straight for you as a compromise (why??)

AL said...

You would rock these!