Thursday, May 15, 2008

Blog for Human Rights

Today is Bloggers Unite for Human Rights. I began running through a list of human rights issues to highlight here and the list grew and grew and grew, until I realised I couldn't possibly shine a strong enough light on the problems faced by our fellow human beings. Torture, rape, trafficking, war, starvation, humiliation, not knowing how or where your day will end, not knowing how many of your children will make it through childhood, not knowing where the bullets come from, not knowing if the checkpoints will let you get to a hospital in time, nourishing and cherishing your land only to watch it get snatched away, being told the place you lived, the streets you grew up on, are no longer yours and have had a border drawn through them.

Every day, everywhere, we humans seem to go out of our way to hurt each other. Why? Don't we all, in the end, come from the same place?


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