Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Reflections on Failing

After spending 24 hours tearful and depressed, today feels brighter.

Some people think believing in destiny is a cop out from taking responsibility for your life, but I believe that things happen for a reason, because everything we do is interconnected.

That's also how I would console myself on the London transport system when I would be sat in an overcrowded tube train that was in a tunnel and not going anywhere, or a train that decided to stop in the middle of nowhere and stay there for at least an hour because of dust on the tracks or something. I'd think "Look on the bright side, Bollybutton. Maybe there is a murderer outside your flat tonight waiting for you, and at this rate he'll get sick of waiting and leave. So you'll live another day!"

So I think yesterday passing my test was not in my destiny. Maybe if I passed, I would have caught a flight to Athens that crashed, gone for a drive and hit someone or other such colourful scenarios.



chase said...

Your plane would not have crashed. Just look at the statistics! What might have happened is that, newly emancipated, you would have crashed while driving in Greece. Just look at the statistics! While I guess the Proastikos is not the world's safest suburban railway, I would have thought that that and, even more so, the other forms of public transport on offer in Athens are safer than driving.

Blackbird said...

Gosh, I'm so sorry :(

AL said...

You're destiny is for us to be the last 2 morons who cant get a license. The older i get the more fearful i am of driving again.

I do feel your pain dear. Its tough when you have your heart set on something and then poof... hugs