Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Are you there God? It's me, Bollybutton

It's true what they say about everything in life being relevant. When I was at uni I thought I was really bad at following my religion even though I prayed pretty often. I remember graduating from full sleeves to half sleeves and feeling like everyone was staring at my brazenly uncovered arms.

How deliciously ironic to find myself five years down the line in spaghetti straps and a cohabiting partnership.

Still, I can’t shake off the all-consuming religious influence of growing up in the Homeland. I’ve worked out most of my issues with my lifestyle, but now and then I do wonder.

I am pretty sure these days that God has other things to do than make a note of my wardrobe indiscretions and I do believe that we are buddies in some way. But living in Greece, which is 98% Greek Orthodox, I feel a little bit out at sea sometimes. Sometimes I need reminding that God the way I know Him is out there somewhere, thinking of me.

That’s why each time I cut open a tomato I look to see if God’s name is in there. I did this at first after reading a news story years ago about a woman who found God’s name written in a tomato (and then cooked that tomato in a curry – so practical, so Asian).

But lately I’ve been paying closer attention and making strategic cuts. I don’t discriminate. I even check to see if Mary or Jesus have decided to make an appearance in my vegetables. Someone up there must be thinking of me, right?

I am 95% over my religion-induced guilt over my lifestyle. But that 5% still bothers me, like not having called a very good friend for years and years. The time will come when I will have to admit that if I am looking for God, I am certainly not going to find Him in a tomato.


AL said...

And i thought only us catholics are guilt ridden...

Theresa said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your entire blog from beginning to end and await to read more. Currently, a greek girl, born in raised in the US, who has a greek boy waiting for her in Athens...I'm trying to get all the advice I can of what it's like to live there and leave all you have..

Feel free to email me if you'd like to keep communication! :)