Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Drat It

Alas my first attempt at my mystery task failed this morning so I might as well tell you what it was. I was trying to get my driving license. Sadly for me the instructor I was using was an absolute waste of oxygen for other useful members of society and he left the car in reverse gear.

I get in, an anxious student wanting to pass so a detail like checking the gears which any WORTHWHILE instructor sets up for a tested student, I didn't do thoroughly enough and the car jumped back. I failed on the spot.

Let me tell you what this failure has cost me just to rub salt into my wounds:
  1. One week of holiday leave taken off work to learn driving intensively
  2. Over £300, closer to £1000 if you count the lessons I began since last December
  3. Wasted precious hours of my life with an instructor who was a trainee. A TRAINEE!!! After I specifically told them I have limited time and need to pass first time.
  4. Blisters on both hands from 6 hours of driving every day
  5. A serious dent to my confidence
  6. A current total this time of over 3 weeks away from Athens which will now continue

The next test date is in one month. I'm hoping a cancellation will come up. I was planning to be back in Athens this weekend if it had all gone right.

I feel SO SAD!!! I'm still a lowly pedestrian!

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AL said...

OMG, that sounds crappy. SIgh... I remember failing my tests too LOOONNGG ago, then i passed the 2nd time.. then i never drove and i let my license lapse and now its as good as gone and i have to re-sit it all again.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry sweetie. Once all this is done and over with and you have your shiny license you will need to buy a car (more money to cry for) and once you do so you will curse the moment you did because of the traffic jams you will have to endure and eventually you'll end up leaving the car at home most of the time...

itelli said...

I don't intend to sound harsh, but getting things wrong is how u learn to get them right. Whether that means failing the test, or smashing ur (ok, ok, my) car by reversing to the car standing behind u... Well...

On the other hand, maybe it's not such a bad idea to have a few lessons in Athens. It sounds scary, but if u learn to drive there, coming back to the Land of the Black Cloud will be easy-peasy-japaneasy.