Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Am I Coming or Going?

Tomorrow I come to the end of my 6 week stint in the UK. It's been interesting. While having my assets frozen in mid-teen temperatures, my finances have been drained trying to reach the golden grail that is the driving license, as well as the never ending fun of family politics.

My life for the last 3 years has been a constant cycle of missing someone and feeling guilty for missing them. When I'm with my family I miss Mr Zeus and feel ungrateful for not being super happy I'm with them. When I'm with Mr Zeus he can't understand why I still miss my family. I'm always missing someone. Also my Dad's interest in my Greek life is almost non-existent. He calls Mr Zeus "That Greek Troublemaker."

Oh well. I am coming back with one more published article to my name and maybe something else with my name on it tomorrow. Who knows. My new instructor thinks I am test standard now and the rest of the equation is down to luck, traffic conditions and all that shizz.

Reading through my appointment letter, I have discovered that attempting to bribe a test examiner is a criminal offence. So I dragged my cheque book all the way from Greece for nothing.


itelli said...

Does ur father know the Greek genome and calls him Troublemaker, or has he never met any other Greeks?

Hope said...

As one international citizen to another, I know that feeling of always having someone to miss all to well. At the very least though it keeps my inbox full!

Good luck for the driving test! I'll be thinking positive 'Bollybutton will pass' thoughts all day!

Anonymous said...

Good luck!

I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!

bollybutton said...

No it's just since Mr Zeus came onto the scene that Greeks became public enemy number 1. He works with Greeks and he likes them, so when he bitches about what barbarians the Greeks are he is mostly referring to Mr Zeus.