Thursday, September 06, 2007

New Blog Award

WhenI read some of the other Athens blogs, it strikes me just how intellectually pointless my own blog is.
Other bloggers tackle social subjects of the day and partake in stimulating comment and opinion discussions.
And mine covers... what exactly? Anyway, someone's gotta write this type of bubblegum blog so it might as well be me!
I hereby nominate myself Athens' Most Pointless Blog.


Hope said...

Ha, that's funny! I was perusing some feeds today and I was struck by the fact that there aren't enough well-written PERSONAL Greek blogs out there.

If being pointless is wrong, I don't want you to be right.

P.S I love your blog!

itelli said...

So, it's a good thing I don't live in Athens, otherwise u would have lost the challenge ;)

Blackbird said...

I do read some blogs that deal with the political issues here but your blog is my favourite - you're writing about real, everyday situations in Greece.
We're not always out fighting dirty politicians or standing in front of parliament in protest 24/7. We also have relationships, face things like driving tests :P and living in a city where everyone expects the other person to make way for them on the pavement.
Your blog is about real life, which is what I am sure many people want to read about.

AL said...

If your blog is pointless, then what would make your readers?