Monday, January 28, 2008

You Can't Play

I was wearily going through my airport routine of browsing over-priced English paperbacks at Athens airport on Saturday when I saw this book. And I felt deflated.

I am not an American size 2 (UK size 6) most of the time, but now and then when I've lost weight because of the heat or because my worries have literally eaten me away, I become a temporary size 2. And some woman has gone and not only written but had published an entire book on how the likes of me are not real women.

That makes me irritated.

Can you imagine the uproar if someone wrote a book called "Real Women Don't Wear Size 22."? What a stab in the back to chop the likes of me out of the club just because we take up less space on the communal floor cushion! Thanks for nothing, sister.

So here is another thing to add to my list of what I am not. I am not English. I am not really Home Country. I don't feel British except by way of Nationality. I am certainly not Greek. And now I'm also not a real woman.

Sad times.



Anonymous said...

You can come and play in Salonika, take care, Scotzasa

Anonymous said...

I definately agree! I am also not usually a size two, but stress has in the past caused me to loose weight. Different body types exist, as difficult as it might be for some people to believe, there are natually thin people. Overweight individuals shouldn't be discriminated against or put down, and same goes for all other body types (thin or otherwise)!

AL said...

Generalisations. It is true that MOST people out there WANT to be a size zero although their bodies are made to be a size 10... and it's sad when even 4 year old girls 'think' fat = ugly and most times means anything above a size 4 = is fat.

How far we've come when ones self perception is still based on what the bathroom scale reads on any given day.

I'm small too (not sure what size) my father in law calls me 'half a woman' in jest.

Marilyn said...

Wow, that title is ridiculous. I'm all for women feeling confident about their bodies, but that should be true no matter the size -large OR small. I'm on the curvier side myself, while my sister is tiny, and I think we're both gorgeous. You're beautiful too BB! Don't let this kind of crap get you down.

Anonymous said...

hi have you given up the ghost? I still click on the site now and then, just wonder how your doing,