Sunday, November 04, 2007

Doesn't Matter

Your feedback to my last post made me laugh! I feel my readers may be nearly as kooky as I am.

Back in Britain for a week I have got some more feedback from my parents' visit and it wasn't all good. Actually most of it relating to my relationship was lukewarm or negative. So I give up, because when you realise your friends know you a lot, lot better than your parents, sometimes it's best to just call it quits and get on with things instead of trying to impress people.



Anonymous said...

I married my own Mr Zeus 16 yrs ago and I remember some hurtful way off the mark comments even from my sisters. Now years later and recently [ok 16 months ago] having come to live in Greece, and as a mummy myself I think they were just worried sick about me. the negative and lukewarm comments of your parents may be their way of getting reassurance for their parental anxieties. They might be losing sleep over it but not dreaming of Rocco. Your friends may love you lots but are probably 20 -30 years younger. Love your blog by the way added to my other addictions. have fun in the uk and remember that your folkds love you it probably took a lot of courage for them to come to Greece.

bollybutton said...

I know. I set myself up for these falls so I have no one else to blame, and you're right that coming to Greece was a big step for them.

Mainly I have to stop approval seeking. Perhaps with time they'll stop worrying and enjoy the happiness of their kids, but maybe parents never get around to that eh!

AL said...

*give them grandkids soon*

:) hugs.