Monday, November 05, 2007

Bollybutton gets Bitchslapped

Posted as a comment on 'It's not Me it's You'

"Yes, we meds are all crazies. You wanna know what we think of you subcons? You really wanna know? Really?

I think you inadvertently highlight the insanity of pursuing "multiculturalism". Because the fact is we like our countries the way they are; they suit us. If they don't suit you, well don't come to live in them. Get it?

I mean, we have a right to determine our own lives, don't we? Or are we to be hostage to the whims of some subcon like you, to whom living in our country is just some "experiment" -- which presumably means that if it fails you'll simply depart, leaving us holding the pieces of the carnage you've wrecked. Follow?

So maybe you could get it through your head that *this* is why people object to the "dark little foreign girl", not *just* because she's a dark little foreign girl with ZERO appreciation of what it means to be Greek, who could not, herself, EVER become Greek, but because of what her presence here portends: calamitous change for US, because there is no shortage of dark little foreign girls like her back on the subcontinent, most of them desperate for the chance to bring their hides over here and tell us how we should be running our affairs all the better to serve them.

Get it?"

Ooooh bitchy bitchy! I'll never be Greek eh? Well damn, that was number 1 of my life ambitions: Change skin colour and genetic makeup to become Greek. Boo friggidy hoo! And FYI, I've never taken being called the little dark skinned girl as racist. Read the whole blog before you throw a hissy fit next time, and if you don't like, don't read!

UPDATE: The above poster, Daniel, who has such big issues with immigration and multiculturism and the likes of ME coming to HIS country, is a Greek immigrant living in Australia. Well, well, well! I wonder why he's so uptight about immigration in Greece when he doesn't even live here. Check out Devious Diva's blog to see more of his pearls of wisdom. Really, without such people, where would we get our laughs from on a Monday morning?


Hope said...

I've been really busy with no time to read but back now and catching up. A couple things:

Sorry that the feedback was not that great, maybe in time that can change.

Also, re this post? WOW! That's all I've got.


deviousdiva said...

Hi Bollybutton,it seems that you and I are being targeted again. If it wasn't so sad and ignorant, it would be funny. These people seem to think that they are being original and saying things we haven't heard before.

I really appreciate your sense of humour about this. When I seemed to be the only foreign blogger getting this kind of racist crap (purely because of skin colour because there were plenty of us writing about Greece but only me that got attacked like this), it was very depressing and in truth, quite scary. That's not to say I'm glad you are on the receiving end of this filth, I'm not. I just think it proves our point...that Greece has problems with racism and it's not just me with a chip on my shoulder.

Get in touch if you want to chat. I know only too well how hurtful this stuff can get. Take care.

Blackbird said...

Although I usually believe in not giving in to jerks by showing anger and firing back, it's good to see you're showing them (with cutting wit, nonetheless) that you won't be pushed down by ignorant comments.

JOHN said...

Ignore these comments. This person is a minority of one. I for one enjoy your posts and wish you the best here in Greece.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the culprit is a Greek-Australian. But not unexpected, since the language that offensive comment was written in was clearly American or Australian English.

According to a poster in the Hellenic Agora on Skyscraper City, diaspora Greeks are actually more nationalist that 'Greeky-Greeks', because they've inherited the views of their grandparents...

And certainly the Greeks in the London Greek community - despite living in one of the greatest multi-racial multi-cultural cities in the world - are more racist than the Greeks I know in Greece.

Not that conclusions can be drawn based upon such generalisations, but still - food for thought.

Anonymous said...

Well thats just rich isnt it? I didnt know whether to laugh or to scream when I saw that the bigotted author of these comments is in fact an immigrant himself, living in, of all places, Australia! Ummmm does Daniel realise that he has in fact moved to a country which illustrates the success of multiculturalism? Does he realise that he is infact benefitting from truly inclusive multicultural policy that allows people such as him to live in a country where racist attitudes such as his own are actually legislated against? Or did he stop to ask the "dark skinned" original inhabitants of Australia (the indigenous peoples) if he was welcome over there? Me thinks not! And yet he sees fit to comment about migrants in Greece!!! And my guess is that he would be one of the first to complain about the racist attitudes of some sections of Australia. Bollybutton - you're right - Daniel is just laugh out loud funny isnt he?

PS - Daniel, if Greece is so great - why did you leave???

PPS By the way I'm Greek from Australia living in Greece!

bollybutton said...

Thanks for all the support guys. DD is right, initially these comments do sting you. Your heart plummets to your stomach and you head spins that someone could be that horrible to you just for your skin colour and opinions.
Aand like i have always said, nothing I post here has not already been said amongst Greek friends. In fact, some of the material is inspired by their discussions.

Blackbird you are also right, such people should be ignored. I moderate all my comments and leave the racist or abusive ones out, but this one was the worst to date and so I published it because stupid people like this deserve to be publicly humiliated.

Unfortunately stupid people have stupid friends and the level of abusive comments I'm moderating has gone up.

But really! An immigrant against immigration makes as much sense as me joinging the KKK

Anonymous said...

Aiii, please ignore the stupid monkeys. Unfortunately they are in abundance wherever you go on this planet and can't get rid of their horrible stench and sticky feces they fling in any direction possible (which sometimes they do hurt...)

I'm greek that has lived in US and now in France and I've found out that immigrants have _always_ the most accurate picture of a country (and in retrospect of their country as well) since they don't have any reason to be partial or indoctrinated for or against the country they live in. They see it as it is and they are able to see more, much more lying underneath the surface.

Your comments about Greece have been spot on, keep them up sweetie. Greek immigrants living abroad, especially to far away places like US or Australia are a depressing lot to associate with that I avoided like the plague. Your poster-boy above is a representative sample of the spiritual poverty of those people.

Idiocy acquires a new meaning among them, enough of who left Greece after the military junta fell in you get the idea...

Keep posting the most funny of them!

itelli said...

I was going to ask (again) why do u bother with eejits, but then I thought we all need something to laugh, so thanks for posting!

teacher dude said...

Hi Bolly.First of all I love this blog. Secondly, sorry you had this kind of hassle from Daniel. Unfortunately, this kind of crap is all too common on the net, just ask Devious Diva.

All I can say is just tell the guy to take his dumb, racist views and take a hike.

GreekGoddess said...

I second everyone's opinions here. I am an Australian of partial Greek heritage. Australia is the most intolerant country of Greeks. Don't ask me why, but of all the countries and nations on earth, only Australians seem to despise us. Only in Australia can an educated Greek person with 3 degrees be unemployed for 10 months, while in Greece or Europe she is offered an interview at the first job she applies for. These rants are not about skin colour but about: "I didn't feel welcome there even though I was born there, just because of my background, so why should you be welcomed somewhere you came as an adult - and that, a place my family has been aching to return to all their lives?" It's about envy and resentment. And usually it comes from people who are too scared to get out on their own and do what you're doing now. Because their parents have spoilt them so much, they're incapable of doing anything that requires a little courage. Their children will not thank them for it. Keep being a shining beacon of hope to all of us, sister. XX