Friday, November 16, 2007

Cubanita, Negrita, Morena

The other night I went to this place which was doing or at least attempting to do a Cuba night and it brought back some sweet memories.

At university, there was a bar I would go to every Tuesday night without fail because Tuesdays was their international night where they played music from all over the world. I would arrive early to get in for free and not leave till they closed at 2 am. And I danced from the moment I stepped in till I left. This place was Bar Cuba in Cardiff, and I adored it for the music and dancing, despite its sticky floor and questionable clientele.

Random strangers on the street would stop and say "Hey, Cuba girl, are you coming tonight?" and I would say "Yeah of course, I have no idea who you are but sure I'll be there, where else would I be!" Twice I went there the night before a final exam, studying all day and then figuring I might as well let some exam stress out by partying. I earned various nicknames as titled in this post. I was an addict.

Sometimes in Athens I will hear a song that was a regular number at Bar Cuba and it will take me right back to those nights with my best girlfriends dancing like there was no tomorrow. Trying to run up the stairs to the DJ booth without getting groped to request songs, battling to the bar to ask for glass after glass of water; three years and that place made next to no money from me except for the times when I was late and couldn’t get in for free, in which case I would set my watch back 5 minutes and argue fruitlessly with the bouncer that it was still before 10.

Happy, unforgettable days, the glory days. By the time I graduated Bar Cuba had started to lose its shine. The once cute DJ Michael’s hot bod had started to fill out and not that I’m still stalking him or anything, but I found out recently that he left there to move back to London. Ahem.

Sometimes I throw together a mix for my mp3 player and realise it's made up entirely of Bar Cuba classics. It’s been tough picking a mix to reflect these days, but here are some favourites to share in a memory:

Click here
And here

Ps: my food mojo is still not back. Damn.


deviousdiva said...

I absolutely adore that picture!

We have so much in common bollybutton. I used to go to this place in London called Bar Madrid and this post took me right back there. I used to go to the dance lessons an hour before the club opened so that I could get in free. And I danced my little feet off...

Ahh those were the days.

There used to be a place called Folie that played Latin music and you could dance like a maniac all night for practically nothing (the bar staff used to ply us with sfinakia just for dancing!) I am not sure what goes on there now.

Perhaps we should do some research!?

bollybutton said...

Ooooh we should go. Purely for research purposes, you see...

Marilyn said...

What a fun post! Cool song choices as well. I have to admit, I was actually really shocked by the last one - Daddy Yankee? No way! I LOVE reggaeton (Spanish reggae) and I could definitely introduce you to more if you're interested.