Friday, November 09, 2007

Bollybutton's Festival Friday Beatbox

Continuing my obnoxious efforts at multiculturalism in Greece, today all Hindus everywhere are celebrating the Festival of Light. And all non-Hindus like me are jumping on the bandwagon because well, we love an excuse for a party.

So here is a song from a very famous movie which is not all that ha ha hee hee, but I'm posting it for two reasons. In the movie, this is the last Festival of Light the family spend together before disownment strikes. And it showcases my favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan, who I met yesterday, *heart*. Watching how short the actresses are next to him is kind of scary. He himself was shorter than I am, so these women must be pocket sized.

In a separate but unrelated incident, I passed my driving test this morning so here is a silly song which makes deliberate fun of 40s, 60s and 80s Bollywood, including a ridiculous 60s car scene. And they say Bollywood takes itself too seriously.

To the paranoid nationalists, I'm not trying to wipe your culture out. I know how much Greeks love to party and if you were more aware of the cultures living within your country, you'd have an excuse to party practically every other day of the week. Don't tell me being able to officially avoid half a year's work doesn't appeal to you, because I won't buy it.

Enjoy and keep the dream alive!


itelli said...

Congrats for the test! All the best as well if u decide to practice in Athens.

AL said...

Yeay! I lit some teacandles and perched them one on each stair in my yard/patio area,.. but only for 10 mins, didnt want the doggie to burn his whiskers!

Congrats on the driving test! Party on babe!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations fist of all Ms. Button on passing your driving test. Hurry up and get back here so you can start learning your bad habits!

Happy Diwali too... and a peaceful and prosperous new year of course! :-)

Hope said...

Yaaaay! Congratulations on passing your test! I can't wait for the hundreds of posts you will surely write once you start driving here!

The one thing that I am constantly screaming while sitting in my car is
"For crying out loud, could you please INDICATE!!"

You'll think of me, I swear.