Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Very Happy In My Heart

It turns out that the third DVD out of the Bollywood movies given away free recently is a movie I hadn't seen at all until I got it free with a Greek newspaper. It's called Tashan, and I killed myself laughing while watching it. Since a lot of it is deliberately stupid and plays with Hindi and English mixes, I'm not sure how much of that gets carried across in subtitles.

Anyway, here is a song that makes me laugh every time I hear it. It's one of those Bollywood-poking-fun-at-its-own-ridiculousness songs, and in this part of the movie, the three fugitives have bullied an American director to let them film a song in his sad movie about widows in order to slip past the police as part of his crew. Don't ask.

The song contains wonderfully stupid lyrics like:
Seeing your white white face, my fast-beating heart decides to take a chance

Very happy in my heart, my heart burts into dance

Pink pink cheeks like a rose I have
Blue like the sky eyes you have
A sweet face like a moon
Black hair like a cloud
I can't hide it any more, my heartbeat becomes very loud (ok, those are your standard Bollywood lyrics, but the next one is my favourite)

In your heart's theatre, my heart makes an advanced booking
In my heart's theatre, your heart makes an advanced booking

Very happy in my heart, my heart burts into dance

Incidentally, if you listen to this song, the word re is used in exactly the same context in Hindi as it is in Greek.

And it might please you to know that this song from the movie was filmed on the Greek island of Milos:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykDLFypQ4XA


tim said...

Hello, Bellybutton! Greetings from a Bollywood-loving Greek American in Minneapolis. Stumbled on your blog and love it -- you appear to have fantastic taste in movies. Would love to communicate re. movies and Greece (I visit often). Please give me a shout at talevizos@gmail.com. In the meantime, I highly encourage you to visit my friend's Bollywood blog at http://bollywoodfoodclub.wordpress.com/

I think you'll find it entertaining and even insightful!

I'll check back often!

teacher dude said...

I remember reading that Bollywood musicals were a big hit during the 60s in Greece. They were dubbed into Greek and shown in the open air cinemas during the summer

lena said...

hello from barcelona, spain! i am a greek girl, living and studying here and got the same dvd from the same newspaper :) (my brother collects those for me, hehe!) just watched it yesterday and i love this song. thank you so, so much for translating! i have watched this segment 3.000 times since yesterday, straining my ears to get more of the hilariousness, but since i can only understand about 5 words in hindi, some of the fun had remained lost in translation - until now! thank you again! can't stop laughing now :D

and, teacher_dude, yes, bollywood musicals were a hit during the 60s: everytime my father finds out i am watching a bollywood movie, he remembers how much he cried when he first watched nargis in mother india and never fails to remind me that his mother's best friend was involved in the dubbing ;)