Thursday, November 27, 2008

What Kind of Magic Spell to Use?

Yesterday I found Labyrinth on Youtube and went ballistic, watching the movie and replaying the songs and dancing to them. I was incredibly pleased with myself, and sure that Mr Zeus would share my enthusiasm at finding this classic childhood movie. So when he came home from work to find me dancing around he asked me what I was watching and I excitedly told him, "Labyrinth! You remember Labyrinth, don't you?"

And he didn't. Because while I was a five year old, watching Labyrinth with my sisters and friends, my imagination running wild with goblins and fairy creatures, Mr Zeus was already well into his dating life. Of course he wouldn't know what Labyrinth was! Sometimes I forget about our age difference.

I love this movie. It had such an influence on me that I was still wearing costume jewellery well into my early 20s for the sole purpose of using it as currency if I ever needed to bribe a goblin.

It's always a little sad watching movies from your childhood, especially fantasy movies, that you absolutely believed were real. I always thought that I would get to visit the Labyrinth one day. I watched it more as a documentary rather than a movie. So sad that we all must lose that blissful innocence.

Enjoy it here.


Psofofeggaro said...

Oh my God, did you love it too? I remeber a first of may afternoon after the usual celebrations of the ocasion, my mom trying to parsuading my in doing my homework and me beeing captivated by that movie on a small pirate channel that played all kinds of video tapes back on 1993. I searched and searhed in all video clubs for years till i finally found it almost 10 years later on internet. It took me about 6 months to download it on a 56k modem but really worthing the time it took. On that age, I swalloed every fairy and fantasy themed movie and my sister made fun of me. It still is my world and I have hundreds of unicorn and fairy pictures on my pc, mermaids, sirens, dragons. I still live in that wolrd, through RPG (role playing games).

bollybutton said...

I adoooored it! I always thought Sarah was such an idiot for not taking the Goblin King's offer. After all, her parents were kinda ass and she would have had her brother with her. Why not be goblin Queen you idiot! David Bowie was amazing in the ballroom scene! I wish an evil Goblin King was in love with me, sigh!

Blackbird said...

My love for David Bowie knows no bounds. NO. BOUNDS.

smaro said...

LOVED that movie! David Bowie, big hair, big makeup, battering with jewelry, crystal balls and that scene towards the end with the stairs at different angles...WONDERFUL! I fancied David Bowie tremendously with all the dangerous wickedness as the Goblin King not to mention the fabulous clothing!!