Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A Miracle

How many times have we watched Hollywood movies where the president is portrayed by a black man and snorted "Yeah right!" And now in a case of life imitating art, here he is, Barack Obama, America's very first African American president. Thank you God!

You know, for all my complaining about America, I must say kudos to them. As Obama said rightly, America is the only place where this could happen even though to the rest of us, we doubted.

For an ethnic minority, especially the bad sort of ethnic minority who has darker skin than the population, to win an election in Greece would never happen. It would never happen in the Home Country and for all its "We're more racially equal than the Americans" it has yet to happen in the UK and I somehow doubt it will. We'll be stuck with fuddy duddy, hoity toity upper class old white men for a long time to come. It didn't happen in India, the world's supposed largest democracy when Sonia Ghandi had to abscond her leadership because she was Italian born.

So congratulations to Obama and all he had to overcome to get to where he did. Sadly, he is right. It's a victory almost unfathomable anywhere else in the world. Three words of advice though: bullet proof glass.

Now excuse me while I bake a cake to celebrate!



Anonymous said...

I think some credit is due to the international news media, which covered the race issue in a unique way - by showing samples of ignorant Americans actually saying out loud things that anyone born in this country after 1960 would never say unless it was taught.

I also think that the reality here is that a man who was a very qualified candidate, who happens to be not entirely caucasian, was elected. This man has the type of education and work history that a majority of our statesmen had, and it was only when the "Mr. Smith" theory became widely held that things changed.

I for one am hopeful that we can move forward on the issues that are truly causing our country to suffer. There is much to do, and I truly hope that the energy doesn't peter out. I also hope that some old timers will read the writing on the wall and stop running for reelection.

GeekGoddess said...

Obama rules. Go Barack!
God bless America and God bless the rest of the world!

Anonymous said...

The Indian Prime Minister technically is a minority, the President is a woman, and the former President is Muslim