Friday, November 28, 2008

Mamma Mia becomes UK's Fastest Ever Selling DVD

And why shouldn't it be? Mamma Mia has become the fastest selling DVD ever in the UK, beating Titanic, the success of which I never really got anyway.

On my flight back from the UK with Aegean Airlines, they played Mamma Mia and I watched it feeling so happy with my life in Greece. I may not live on a Greek island, but I'm doing pretty well. And just imagine, so many people sitting under grey skies and eating cheese and onion crisps with the heating on in June must watch that movie, sigh and think "How I wish I was living in Greece, spending carefree summers frolicking on beaches."

And that's my life! Isn't it great? Sometimes we watch a movie and try to console ourselves that movies tend to exaggerate things - life in Greece can't be all that sublime.

Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but it is. I may not be rich or extremely successful in my profession, and I don't live in a big house. I have a pile of bills on my desk that adds up to more than our combined monthly incomes.

But I'm still happy with my simple little life in a place that taught me to put that childhood skip back into my step.

My God, how much I want it to be summer right now!


Anonymous said...

Amen to that!

AL said...

omg i havent watched it yet. you can bet your pants my SO won't be watching it with me,... by the way .. please dont kill me, but i've referenced one of your photos for a quick portrait painting in a 'expressionist' type style i.e messy, ugly, weird. Say you're still my friend.

bollybutton said...

Ha ha it's ok. go for it! I watched MAmma Mia with my hubby, thinking it would be really awkward and he'd hate it, but he really enjoyed it, probably because of the Greek element to it.

GeekGoddess said...

Haha! They were playing it on my Singapore flight over from Australia too! One day I plan to watch is sans the roaring in my ears and nasal passage dehydration from plane air-con. And what you say is SO true! Life here IS great. What is it about Greece that it makes you forget about stressing about money? Hehe. =P