Thursday, October 02, 2008

Summer Love

So that's it then. Summer is over. I thought me and summer were doing really well. Laughing, singing, swimming, basically enjoying ourselves. I confessed my undying love for summer even though I knew summer couldn't stay around forever (only at the equater is summer not quite so commitment phobic).

But I didn't expect to be abandoned like this. Summer just got up and left in the middle of the night, leaving me, the jilted lover, to wake up one morning to find my darling summer gone. Just gone, just like that. I didn't even get a clue or an adjustment period. Summer never hinted that it was thinking of leaving me.

And like a forsaken lover, I mope around the house. I have no appetite, I've even started to lose weight. I feel listless and sad. I'm sleeping badly. What can I do? I was made for the summer and even though I accept it has to leave at some point, this is the first Greek summer I've seen which simply evaporated into thin air like this.

This wet weather has given rise to a new round of mosquitoes which add to my poor sleeping. Our nights are punctuated with the sound of me and Mr Zeus slapping ourselves about the face and limbs, trying to make a few mosquito martyrs. And these 21st Century mosquitoes are smart: the second you switch the light on to try and find them they take flight, making it impossible to deliver a death blow.

My cooking skills have also toppled off the edge of a cliff since the sun vanished. I was trying to make some celebratory food on Tuesday and alternated between burning things beyond rescue or making them all wrong in the first place.

Eight months to go till June 2009 and the return of summer.


sunflower said...

I am sad summer has left you and autumn has wet your feathers, but have some pity on us poor Northerners who haven't felt the summer at all. :)

Sesi said...

I'm not sad Summer left. I couldn't stand him anymore. The constant heat, the metro that was boiling, me sweating as soon as I was closing the running water while showering, the cat lying almost senseless around all day.
I like that I can now cuddle on the couch with my cat, who regained her senses and now loves sitting on me purring, that I don't mind touching my man, that I can walk from the metro station to my work without dehydrating, that the dust has been washed away and that the air has freshened.
Goodbye summer, hope to see you not too soon again!