Friday, June 27, 2008

Pick Me Up Before You Go Go

Yesterday evening someone used a pickup line on me for the very first time in my life. You know, one of the classic straight-from-the-book lines. I was rushing to meet a friend downtown and a man stopped me. And what do you know, it was a Creepy Older Man. Oh no, Bollybutton never ever attracts hot young things, just the Creepy Older Men!!!! Why?!?

"Excuse me," said Creepy Older Man in english.

Thinking he was a lost tourist and wanting to flaunt my local knowledge, I stopped.

"If beauty was a sin, you would surely go to hell. I see you're in a rush but I would have loved to have taken you for a drink sometime."

"Thanks, but I'm married." Not exactly a lie, I am practically married.

I told this story to my Greek friend S who I was rushing to meet and she said, "That's weird. A guy used the exact same copy-paste line on me once."


"At the end of the street where we go for dance class."

I don't believe it! This Creepy Older Man is a pigeon. He sits there all day using this exact same line, even the bit about taking you for a drink if you weren't in a hurry, the same way that male pigeons strut around after the females. Have you ever seen this? He'll strut up to one female and if she rejects him he just puffs out his chest and keeps on strutting. Eventually someone will say yes and he might get his groove on.

I don't get it. When Mr Zeus goes out all the sweet young things flock around him. They flock around him even when we're together goddammit! Why do I only get Creepy Older Men? Is it the glasses? I don't even attract the handsome and incredibly charming type of older man, just the creepy kind.



Anonymous said...

Ha... I might try that line!


GreekGoddess said...

Sounds just like my experience! I wear glasses too. When I went to Greece I was often asked to take them off to "enhance my beauty". Apparently Greek guys aren't attracted to intelligent-looking women. If you want to attract the young ones, you have to play to their level: dye your hair a really fake blonde, wear plenty of eye make-up (blue eyeshadow, mascara, eyeliner out to your temples), have a camel toe in your tight tight pants and walk like you're expecting to turn a trick any second (or just busting for a pee). This seems to get their attention. :P

Hope you come across Mr Pidgeon again when you have a pearler of a retort ready to slam him with! XX

bollybutton said...

GG, lucky for me I, an intelligent person, attracted another smart man who met me while I was wearing glasses and it didn't affect anything. What the younger crowd perceives as attractive in Athens is disappointingly narrow and single-flavoured. The women are stunning, but they all look the same. No one dares to stand out.

GreekGoddess said...

You see? The kind of bait you use determines the kind of fish you catch! Thank you for that little boost to my spirits, Bollybutton; I won't ever take my glasses off again. :P

GG :)

super hero said...

your story reminded me this story.

a man at a busy street stops almost all beautiful women he sees and asks: "Excuse me, may i kiss you?"

so one women who gets angry says to the man "i bet you are slapped quite often."

the man goes: "right. but i get a lot of kisses too."

Psofofeggaro said...

Hhmmm don't want to start a debate, but media has cook that old favourite theme of the beautiful, blond, sexy chick and it sells a lot in athens. Not excluding rest of the country, but every wannabe model girl dreams of leaving village/town and go to big capital city and find the wealthy prince. You must be really unlucky or choosing to be in "wrong" places to bump up on those people all the time. I agree on many things that have been said on this blog about greek women, greek waitresses etc,but I dissagree on the glasses thing. Glasses sometimes suit a person perfectly and others not.

P.S. I attracted a couple of times some men, ranging from 30-50 yo, when I was a teen on my last grades and got extremely frustrated too, so I can feel you.
P.S.2 some men do love glasses, either way, there wouldn't be so much porn secreteries on Hollywood. I'd be surpised to see a dark haired, 50something, everyday lloking woman on such a role.

Anonymous said...

where are you little lady! Its been longer than ten days since your last post! Please stop ruining my breakfast coffee at my office and start posting again!