Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Winter, Spring, Summer or Generic

In the UK, there are four seasons in a year and sometimes five. This fifth season rolls around every four years or so like a Leap Year extra day. It's called Generic.


Actually, calling Generic a fifth season is unfair. Generic is the season that gives the rest of the season the year off. It steps in and tells Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall to go have a holiday somewhere nice, like the moon maybe.


Hence you get the weather we currently have in the UK. Walking to meet a friend yesterday, I could smell freshly cut grass and thought "Aaah, Spring is in the air."


In fact, Generic is in the air. Each day across the whole year has been more or less the same. I had the heating switched on in August on the weekend. Stepping outside, today could be any one of the following:


1)     An unseasonally warm winter's day

2)      An average day in Spring

3)      An autumn day where the leaves are still green

4)      An unseasonally cold summer's day.


Such is the beauty of Generic! One size fits all!

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chase said...

Having lived in England all my life, I feel a bit stupid not seeing this before. And not a little bit cold having just reurned from the Aegean. Now hoping that I will see a bit more Summer in Athens in October (and therefore that England is not the only place where the seasons are deceptive - I think the English invented the 'Indian Summer' but I think the Greeks have a word for it too).

George L. said...

I read and understand your stories. I on the other hand am a Greek who has settled in the United States. I came here at the tender age of twenty and now 27 years later i am still going strong.
Here last week we had floods. We could put out the fires in Greece.
For several weeks had temperatures in the high 90s F.
Now is cooling off. The temperatures are down in the low 80s.
I am proud of being a Ellinas-4-ever living in My-Ameriki.
My dream is to return one day.
We will see.
I love visiting Greece either in September or October. The weather is still good , oh well most of the time.

Gia said...

I really enjoy your thoughts and having lived in the UK for the first 24 years of my life, I fully enderstand what you mean...a tremendous description of the English weather...