Monday, August 13, 2007

Make me feel like a WOMAN!!!

Following on from the Domesticity post, here is a joke as told to me years ago at university by my Greek friend, K.

A packed transatlantic flight is halfway through its journey when it hits a serious thunderstorm and turbulence. The plane jolts and shudders and begins to fall out of the sky. The pilot tries his best but there is nothing more he can do, so he tells the passengers to say their prayers and prepare to meet their maker.

A young woman stands up, hysterical. She screams "I'm not ready to die, I've experienced so little of life! I need a man to make me feel like a woman, right here, right now!"

There is silence in the doomed plane as everyone waits to see who will take the young woman up on her offer. Suddenly, a gorgeous Greek man stands up at the back of the plane. He walks towards the woman, unbottoning his shirt to reveal a perfect body.

He stands infront of the breathless woman and rips off his shirt. He hands it to her, and says "Iron this."

Hee hee hee!



Anonymous said...

Ha! Very good, I heard this joke before but it was an Australian not a Greek!


George L. said...

Hey ( it helps being Greek)
Very good joke. Made me laugh out loud.
Change the ethnicity and applies to everyone.
That's a good one.