Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm still Here

Well it seems some of you thought I had cut and run from Athens, but thanks to a stubborn streak I am far too stupid to give myself a break. Chatting to the sugarplums in Greek class, we reflected on how we have all met so many women who moved to Greece for love as opposed to men. This can mean one of two things:

1) women are tougher than men. This is the same argument we use to console ourselves about childbirth being our job.

Or 2) women are just stupider than men and like making martyrs out of themselves. Feminism LIED TO ME!! This is how come I bust my ass trying to learn Greek grammar till 9 at night and still have to come home and do the mountains of dishes in th sink. SUCKSSSS!!!! Which way to the revolution, sisters?

I think I am reaching a critical point with the language at least and it'll all tip over into total ease of communication. I just hope that the day the flying pig delivers my certificate of proficiency in Greek I'm not out riding my unicorn.

Here's some good news though. Since witnessing my meltdown, my other half decided to take some action and took me out for some Indian cuisine to a new place close by. Sweet! The food was good, the songs were familiar, the staff spoke Hindi and let me have extra green chillis since they cooked everything minus spices. "The Greeks just can't handle any spice" the waiter explained to me.

So if you want simultaneously empty your wallet and fill your tummy with yummy treats, go to Iskandar, ph. 210 98 86 474. I recommend the Madras chicken, it's hot stuff!



toomanytribbles said...

specifically regarding greece, i'm more inclined to agree with theory no.2

Blackbird said...

what is it about these greek men, eh?
i moved here initially to study, but last year was this close to studying somewhere else...
and stayed here because of my boyfriend.

theory two, for sure.