Wednesday, January 03, 2007


With it being new year and all, I've got an idea into my head and I need your help.

For a while now I've been speculating on what good exercise Bollywood dancing is and how I'd like to run a class at the local gym teaching Bollywood dancing. Not classical Indian, that takes years to learn and everything I know about Bollywood I taught myself by watching videos.

So, girls, help me out and tell me if you saw your local gym was advertising a Bollywood dance workout, would you go? I know I'd have a fantastic time teaching it since I enjoy dancing so much, but I'm sure I'd need an idea of whether anyone would be interested before I go to propose such a class, they're not just going to let me run it and no one turns up.

Whadaya say??



medea said...

I just wanted to pass along my opinion on your blog. I think it is great! Your posts are great, and had me really laughing. Although I never lived in Athens, your posts on living in Greece reminded me of the time that I spent there (I lived in a village on Crete for three summers). Everything from the "bugeyed sunglass" to the way they dress to their love of frappes (which I admit, I picked up on too). Your blog has brought back some wonderful memories.

I look forward to future posts.

alison said...

Haha... that sounds so cool!
I would be interested in most types of dance classes... my impression of bollywood dancing, is kinda hilarious... i can just imagine a whole classroom of beginners trying it out. Heck sounds like it might work. Good luck.

Jenny said...

Hey there, Happy New Year!
At the end of last year Holmes Place Maroussi did a series of Bollywood aerobics sessions (in association with Nike Women) but I think they've finished now (and in any case they were on a Wednesday so I couldn't go :( ). But if you hear of anything, post it, cos I would love to join!
BTW, don't know if you saw/heard/would care, but the Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty has just gone into Celebrity Big Brother in the UK...