Friday, October 20, 2006

Tourists and the Destiny of Teeth

You've probably been wondering why I haven't written anything about my Greek classes, it's actually because I've had no time what with all the homework for two seprate classes etc. No, the truth is that I am just plain lazy.

My language progress goes well, though I must say that the Hellenic American Union classes are pretty hard. I bullied them into letting me attend Intermediate instead of Beginners and it really isn't that bad except we talk Greek the whole time and I didn't realise sentence construction could be so mentally exhausting. My options are:
1) Panic and run
2) Pretend I'm invisible
3) Sacrifice a few braincells in the name on communication.

Yesterday I was finally able to go have a coffee with friends of my own after class. As we walked into the cafe, it was immediately obvious that we were foreigners, maybe because us girls were letting the side down with our comfortable shoes, high-neck sweaters and minimal makeup. Anyway, gazing around the table I had the utmost sense of peace at having found something I had lost since moving to Athens - a social life of my own!

On to other matters. You have to love the artistic value of how the Greeks talk. The other day I was remarking about how I think I need to see a dentist, much to my irritation and a regime of brushing and flossing. "My teeth should be fine!" I exclaimed. With a shrug, Mr Zeus said:

"This is the destiny of teeth."

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nattybug said...

Hey, I've taken that walk after the American Hellenic Union class in sensible shoes and minimal make-up. I've also made some really close friends as a result of taking those classes. Now my - Greek- not so good. :)

karen said...

First, I have to say I have found your blog absolutely comforting. I accidently came across it, as I was feeling nostalgic, searching for lyrics to Arash and the yes horrible, summer in greece song (it's the story of my life). Anyways, I fell in love with a Greek while vactioning in I just came back from my second trip to Thessaloniki. Moving there is in the near future, however, I am horrified of having to learn Greek, no social life of my own, work?...etc. damn those adorable Greek