Friday, October 13, 2006

Good eating

This week down at the Laiki, you can find sweet potatoes. I have no idea what Greek recipes involve sweet potatoes, but I do know that in the Home Country they were a popular roadside snack which we were forbidden from eating. So here's how you can enjoy of slice of Asian road-side cuisine:

1) Wash a sweet potato and boil it in a pan with its skin still on until you feel a knife easily pass through the centre
2) Cool slightly and peel
3) Slice into thick rounds
4) Sprinkle with salt, chilli powder, fresh corriander and a squeeze of lemon juice
5) Expose to some roadside pollution
6) Enjoy and don't tell mum.


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Thanks!!

Athina said...

Hi there,
it was big fun finding out that you have a blog with nearly the same name as mine - I am doing an internship in Greece on Chios!

Have fun in Athens and I agree with you about the anchorwomen in the Greek news :o)

Bye, Miriam