Thursday, October 12, 2006

Down with Alitalia!

I have been reading the recent news reports of Alitalia's severe financial problems which threaten to fold the company and I thought "Thank God, why has it taken so long?" I've flown plenty of airlines over the years and the one and only experience I had with Alitalia was so bad I never flew with them again.

In fact, everyone I've talked to who has flown by Alitalia said it was terrible, not one person had had a normal trip with them. Delays, lost luggage, rude staff and phonecalls that never get answered are the top complaints. As someone said: ALITALIA = Always Late In Take-off And Late In Arrival.

Last year I made the mistake flying out for a long weekend to Athens via Milan with Alitalia. Leaving from Heathrow the plane was two hours delayed. Two. Hours. The heavily make-uped staff, who looked like they wouldn't pee on you if you were on fire, told me I wouldn't miss my connection. Of course, I missed it, and got stuck in Milan for a night. Nightmare. Not to mention hell is an in-flight sandwich on Alitalia.

Good riddance, Alitalia!


Anonymous said...

Funny to judge on 1 experience. I took Alitalia several times and they were as many times late as the other airlines.
I also had the luck to be upgraded to business on a flight from Athens to Milan, and the service was excellent.

betabug said...

Who cares about Alitalia or customer experience, I enjoyed the writing style in this article!

Shelley - At Home in Rome said...

Ciao! I found you over at Expat Blog. I always imagined that if I hadn't landed in Italy, I would have made a go of it in Greece. We go to Patmos every year for our summer holiday (last 3 years) and next year I am determined to take some lessons.

Anyhoo, just love your Alitalia acronym. And, I think it's perfectly justified to judge on one experience. That's all it takes to be completely ticked by their service, so why not? I only have one experience with them as well, and let me tell you, it was the first and the last! I got chewed out for asking for tea after the flight attendant passed two rows behind me. And I speak Italian so it wasn't a language barrier issue or anything. Besides the fact that they strike like every other day.
I'm enjoying your blog. Good luck with Greek lessons, teach us some new words once in a while!

yvonne said...

Alitalia is the worst airline I have come across. I have flown in 3rd world countries with better service! Customer Service in Alitalia?? please! after 5 days of a simple 60 min direct flight from ROME to BARI my luggage has simply vanished! no where to be found! I drove 4 hrs from Bari to Rome to look for it myself in the lost and found...nothing! (I had to drive there because it was the only way.. remember no customer service!!!) these lazy call centers will not even take your calls! I hope this airline disappears they are good for nothing but making people angry!!!!

vishal said...

i quite agree with yvonne here. i happened to take my maiden flight to a foreign country some days back from mumbai to milan....and of all the airlines available i took Alitalia (screw those tour managers!!). the experience was just ordinary to say the least. someone talked about them not ready to pee over you when you're on fire...well to tell you the truth i felt like peeing over them! ofcourse, never mind the heavy make up that would come off! the food was horrible (may be they pee in that) and the crew was pathetic and rude. and yes...i'm being kind when i say that. Down with Alitalia, let the takeover be over soon!!!