Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Save Greece. Holiday here

Many, many moons ago, when I was still trying to adjust to the Mad Hatter's tea party that is life in Greece, a song irritated the hell out of me.

Proof that I have officially settled in Greece is that when this song plays, I am the one who is first on the dancefloor.

So, people of the world, we are in economic meltdown. A ton of you have cancelled your holidays after seeing the riots in Greece which, let me assure you, are a national sport and nothing out of the ordinary. Think of the interesting postcards home getting caught in a riot would make!

It's in your hands to keep us afloat this summer. Come to Greece! We need your tourist euros/dollars/yen!

Still not convinced??


betabug said...

You've convinced me! If I wasn't already here, I would book right now! :-D

jinjir minjir said...

No thanks. Nothing wrong with Haggis, wild salmon, Highlands and sex on the grass - which unlike sex on the sand, doesn't turn you into a giant donut.

Also, one leaf of grass does not trasnform into the most efficient torture tool (like a grain of sand) when you've overexposed your skin to the sun - because, everyone knows, THERE'S NO FUCKING SUN here.

Finally, I don't have to worry about cocky policemen, stupid strikes, and three-month old tomatoes served to me as the freshest of produce and charged as if they were grown by YSL's personal gardener.

But those of you who flock there, sit back, relax and live (leave?) your myths in Greece.

Samantha@ Living In The Sun said...

we all are in an economic turndown of some sort, there very few country's that have an expanding economy. Sit Tight and ride it out the golden age will return, but when???

Best regards Sam

Anonymous said...

you KNOW it i'll be going to Greece again this summer! As for you jinjir minjir, what an obvious hater. Although I've never been affected by a strike while vacationing myself, I'll give you the cocky police officer, which might happen (although I don't even have contact with police while vacationing, wth are YOU doing during vacations huh?)....

But the vegetables? Let me laugh, HAR DI HAR HAR!!! Your hatred becomes obvious from this unbelievable comment! I tolerate a year's worth of unpalatable produce in the winter and forget it all the moment I taste all the deliciousness served to me anywhere in Greece. Please, you go to the highlands and make more room for us :)

Oh btw, a couple of friends went to Scotland last summer. They spent 2 weeks holed up inside bored cause it rained torrentially every day. Yeah, that definitely constitutes as fun.

Anonymous said...

Ahem... Ms Bollybutton... you've gone quiet blog wise... I'll keep checking back for new posts!


Anonymous said...

yo update yo blog woman. i'm dying here....