Friday, May 14, 2010

Of Mountains and Moros

I swear you guys I have been so busy that my inspiration is gone, squeezed out like a lemon lying tossed in the garbage outside a taverna. There is just no more room in my brain for creativity thanks to studying for work related exams. I've buckled down so that I can be exam free before summer gets into full swing. Nothing is more misery inducing than studying while everyone else is hanging out at the beach.

I will just say thanks for still checking in. This is turning out to be my year of re-evaluation and freakishly hard work. I'm trying not to sweat the small stuff and focus on the big picture.

Since I have nothing much to blog about, I will use this space and time that I have available to complain and say yes, I am still the only person who got married last year without a baby. but that's not my complaint. The babies are pouring out of our pals like it's going out of style. It's some kind of Babygeddon.

And with that in mind, to all those so helpfully pointing out my lack of a baby and who seem to think that reminding me of this will spur me into action ("A baby? Why didn't I I think of that! And Mr Zeus is not going to be young forever? What a revelation!") I ask you to click here.

Now you're probably thinking "But Bollybutton, weren't you yourself desperate for a baby a while ago? What's with all the evil hag-like behaviour?" and you'd be right, and I was, but since I can't procreate on my own, aphid style, I got over it. And I would be the first to advocate the joys of children in a home and parenthood etc etc, but if I go visit one more set of friends with a new baby that says "You guys should have a baby." and then look only at me, I will scream. Or I'll just ask them what time they got up today.

What's with the "You GUYS" line but looking only at me? Do I look like a magical human freak that can procreate solo?

Seriously, there's only so many times you can hear the same damn line over and over again before wanting to stuff Little Junior's pipila in your ears.

That's all. Back to studying. I hope to resurface in a more pleasant and creative mood.


AL said...

You're not the only newly wed with no baby ... :)
Slow down sweety,.. you seem to have so many things on your to do lists and goal lists, you high achiever you... i'm getting really jealous here!

Anonymous said...

Have a baby. Then teach it to blog and it'll be called babybollubutton's Big Fat Greek baby Life. hehe :P

Psofofeggaro said...

that's because they think that YOU are the problem.... Always it has to be be you, me and every woman who either don't says "yes" enough or takes the damn pill.... The more you chase it the more it doesn't come. The more you don't want it, the more they come (from my expirience)

deviousdiva said...

I wish I had been so wise (forgive me "taller than me" boy)


bollybutton said...

It's nice and everything but I really will rip my ears off when the next person tells me this. I'm getting sick of it!

Samantha@Living In Portugal said...

Take your time and have a baby when you are ready, you have many years yet lol