Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Intergalactic, Planetary

I spent all day yesterday convincing myself not to lie in the middle of the road waiting for a car to run me over, and much to my surprise everyone I spoke to felt miserable yesterday. It must be something to do with the energy in the air, the feeling that Spring was so close, close enough to smell, before it disappeared again, the lining up of the planets throwing bad energy around and having the TV choice of more bad news on the economy and Julia's fame-whoring.

On the first point at least this morning I took matters into my own hands and helped the Greek economy by going shopping. My target was Greek shoe temple, Migato. I adore Migato because they sell overpriced shoes according to winter and summer seasons, and once a season is over, they drop their prices so low I can actually afford them.

Thank God for fashion's stupid slavery to seasons.

So today I took advantage of their gracious offer of any two pairs of winter boots for EUR 50 and bought four new pairs of boots for EUR 100.

There you go, EU, I just paid some precious tax euros into the Greek economy! Time to give us a break.


Anonymous said...

thank god its the planets i thought it was just me.

bollybutton said...

It really was. EVERYONE I know was miserable on Monday. Someone told me it did infact have to do with the cycle of one of the planets or something. Well I'm glad that planet's period is over so I can get on with being my usual optimistic self.

Anonymous said...

I also took to helping the Greek Economy, and dented the plastic. Uh Oh. However, I also like to opt for good ole Play.com, Amazon.co.uk and love ASOS.com for things i just can't get over here without breaking the bank. (Hello, who wants to pay 100 euros for a crappy pair of PU (fake leather) heels?!

Anyhoos, Happy Damn Friday girl! The sun is shining today, your blog has helped me find Asian foods in Athens (you angel) and having skimmed older posts - what an insight to living in Athens...thanks & thanks for making me laugh.
Now then, If you can tell me where to get a decent Chinese Take away or Dim sum I'll be heaven.