Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Good Times Ahead!

Okay. I'm probably one of Georgie's biggest fans because of how he has scrambled to keep Greece afloat while all the playground bullies are picking on us.

A whole bunch of reforms have been introduced, we are all collecting receipts like lunatics, strikes have crippled the country, costs are rising and pays are falling... and this is the only song I can think of to reflect the situation.


Anonymous said...

Why are people collecting receipts like crazy?

Saurabh said...

'Georgie' came to meet Manmohan as well! :)
Nice blog, with articles I enjoy reading even more due to your culturally diverse background.

bollybutton said...

It's an attempt to stamp out black money in the Greek economy, which makes up nearly 25% of Greece's GDP. If you don't print receipts, there is no record of what went in or out of your till. So you can declare your earnings as much lower than they were to pay less tax (or no tax).

People are being offered tax breaks if they can collect a certain percentage-worth of receipts in relation to their salary. But, this being Greece, people have already started selling receipts to each other.