Friday, August 07, 2009

Στην υγειά μας λοιπον !

Say what you want about Greek women, but ain't no one touching their ass without their consent. If you have never been to the UK and been hit on by drunk British boys, it goes something like this:

Him: Hello darling, you're fucking gorgeous
You: Thanks
H: Can I buy you a drink?
Y: No thanks, I've got one
H: Come on don't be such a party pooper, I.. Brett! Hey Brett! That's my mate Brett, he's fucking MENTAL!

(Some pointless and unfunny story follows about Boy and Brett's drunken escapades)

H: A nice girl like you shouldn't be here on her own.
Y: I'm here with friends
H: Come on let's dance (starts putting arms around you and grinding his groin into you)
Y: Please, I'm really not interested. (backing away)
H: Well you're a bit of an ice queen ain't ya. Fucking think you're better than everyone don't ya! Well fuck you you stupid bitch!

Not made up. I've had dozens of these conversations when I lived in the UK. Not to say I'm a beauty queen, but in the UK the done thing when going out is to get completely, mind-bendingly drunk, and then anything female looks good. Drunk British boys have no manners and no sense of decency. They think that just because you're in a club and in their vicinity, you are fair game to be chatted up, fondled and then abused when you say no.

I'm not one to advocate violence, but I can understand that certain parts of Crete in the summer must become quite unbearable for the locals with hordes of British tourists decending on their towns for cheap holidays, cheap booze and thinking that they can get away with the sort of disrespectful behaviour they display in their own country.

All I'm sayin' is I didn't know Sambuca was quite so flammable, and I'll be keeping that in mind the next time someone invades my space.



Maria said...

Thankfully I've never had to experience a prolonged long stay in the areas of the islands where drunken British tourists reign, however stories from other Greeks + one night on Crete = has emphasised that sympathy lies with the locals. I'm just glad that my relatives live on an as yet untouched by 24/7-drunken-tourists island.

robert said...

What an interesting entry of yours. As I have learned nearly all of me English in an Irish Pub, back in Germany spend many nights with both English and Irish alike, however never noticed such a dialogue.
However agree with you about the things happening upon Crete.
Maybe the next generation might change for the better.

Psofofeggaro said...

Once upon a time, like 10 years ago, on a summer evening(sun had not even setted completely yet) on Rodos island, a drunk guy grabbed and kissed my 19 then sister while we were walking by, infront of me and my mom. We were completely irritated but he was propably not that drunk yet, because he got the point and got lost in seconds.
So I really, really get your point(and the girl's in Malia).

P.S. Did I mention that my sister is the low, non makeup profiled girl? She looks greek tho, I have been often mistaken for german girl in summers, propably he didn't want to deal with a german girl :p

jinjir minjir said...

Aye. He certainly was "a kind-hearted, generous boy".

My arse.

jinjir minjir said...

Maybe he also thought he was well-hung as well. So, he got back to being average.

No mean feat.

Fucking gits.

bollybutton said...

All I'm saying is Crete is full of these "sweet, kind hearted boys who wouldn't hurt a fly" in the summer. Also, Greek youngesters don't tend to cause trouble for the heck of it (except for a riot here and there). This isn't some drunken case of mistaken identity. Something pretty unacceptable has happened to that girl for her to lash out like this.

Geotacs said...

wow it must have been tough for an Asian living in Britain...

but i'm glad to know you are out of there and now in more respectable Greece


Marietta said...

Hey there, I'm reading your blog for a while and I thought I'd say how much I enjoy it and I'm looking forward for the next entry!
My boyfriend is english(half indian too!) so I had the chance to experience Greece in a whole different level when he came to live here,with the language, with people and especially with the bureaucracy! So seeing all these written from you in a funny way was a surprise! I showed him your blog right away and in one night I read as many entries as possible!
I just hope I find sth like yours when I move to the UK, your blog is a true guide to anyone who decides to live here!I wouldnt suggest it though, lol.

Anonymous said...

That woman needs a fucking slap across her face.

Lighting someone on fire because he touched your ass?

Derek said...

Hi Bollybutton,

I know this post is several months old now, but I wanted to say that I got a chuckle out of your dialogue-style recreation of a conversation with the typical drunken jagoff. The Sambuca ignition treatment makes me suspect alcohol-impaired judgment on the part of the woman, not that it matters. 99% of women that I know would deploy the much more sensible (and defensible) swift kick in the bollocks in that situation, anyway.

Also, since there isn't a trackback-link feature on Blogger for blogs of other platforms I wanted to let you know that I linked to this post in the latest post on my own blog. Even though the video in my post is satirical, maybe Brits will take heart from the fact that drunken Americans in Mexico are just as bad as drunken Britons in Crete.