Friday, May 08, 2009

A Little Post for my Little Man

There is only one male on this planet who can stick his feet under my nose and command, "Smell!" and I'll do it. My beloved godson, the one I faked Christianity for.



Anonymous said...


Yorkshiregurl said...

Hi Bollybutton,

Awww, that's so sweet!

I have a bit of a proposal for you... A friend and I are coming to Athens for a week this month her family originates from your homeland. I just need some information about the area and the less "touristy" things we can do and see... in exchange I can bring you jalebi or any other treats u can't get your hands on!
What do you think?


ps: I'm not a psycho killer or anything!

bollybutton said...

I love the idea yorkshiregurl! I'd be more than happy to show you around myself. I still moderate comments on posts over 14 days old, so go back to an old post and leave a comment with your email address. I won't publish it, but we can get in touch that way x