Friday, February 20, 2009

Make it a Sell Out!!!!!

As EllasDevil pointed out and as Mr Zeus had recently informed me, a newspaper is giving away three Bollywood movies this Sunday.

Thanks to ED I know now that that newspaper is Sunday's Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia. I spent two days scanning the airwaves waiting for the ad to come up to identify the publication and the harder I looked the more I couldn't find it. Eventually I began talking about a racist conspiracy to make sure people didn't watch Bollywood in Greece (which is only because I kept missing the ad).

Finally this morning, there it was. Three whole Bollywood movies. Oh. My. GOD!!! The best of the lot if Dil to Pagal Hai (The Heart is Crazy), a love triangle dance film which I have watched a few dozen times with my cousins, copying dialogues and dance routines. Silly fluff, exactly what's needed with all this talk of doom and gloom.

What's going on these days? Is it the Barack Obama effect that's leading to us ethnic minorities popping up more on Greek TV? Just last week my all time favourite Bollywood movie was shown on TV, but it was at 2 am so I missed it.

Anyway, who am I to complain. Mr Zeus is under strict order to buy me the newspaper this Sunday because I won't be around. All of you join in too, let's make this issue a sell out and show the press that Greece *hearts* Bollywood!!!

Ps: Don't miss this pivotal scene in Dil to Pagal Hai. It may look kinda lame now, but it went down as one of the hottest scenes in Bollywood ever. It's referred to as the "Bangle Scene" and left teenage girls across the subcontinent dreaming of being breathlessly told.. aur paas... aur paas... aur paas. *Swoon*


Anonymous said...

Well as an FYI for you... I was tuning in my cousins new TV last week and noticed that one of the smaller channels called 'BS' (there is a logo on the screen) was showing an Indian soap opera subtitled into Greek.

Dunno how long thats been going on

bollybutton said...

Well that's just typical, showing bollywood on a station called BS :( I'll look for it!

teacher dude said...

When I saw the ads you came to mind and I thought I'd let you know that the Eleytherotypia had the movies, but you beat me to it.

teacher dude said...

BTW do you know about Live Station? TV via the internet. I just checked and there are plenty of channels from the Home Country.

Psofofeggaro said...

Hehehe, i just had gotten out of shower this morning and was about to dry my hair when i heard on the tv bollywood music! I ran to the livving room and the ad was on tv. My hubby laught and said ok, we'll definately buy that won't we?*

*We NEVER buy newspapers

I thought about you, thought that you'de be happy with this.

Blackbird said...

Re: the movie on at 2am
Are you talking about Devdas?! I was watching tv a few weeks ago around 3-4am (ah, insomnia...) and froze when I saw this playing. I IMMEDIATELY thought of you and felt like ringing you up to squeal at you to turn on the telly, but then I recalled you are Someone From The Internet and would probably not appreciate being woken in the middle of the night, even for Shahrukh Khan.

Still: progress! Now if only they'd start playing asian films at regular hours when most people are actually awake...

Psofofeggaro said...

it was really sold out :( didnt make it to get a copy on my hands :(