Monday, February 23, 2009

And the Winner Is...Who?

This weekend's Oscars were swept away by Slumdog Millionaire, a movie by a British director set in an Indian slum. It won a total of eight Oscars and the director flew the cast, some of whom are not professional actors but simply children living in the slums, to Hollywood for the ceremony.
It's an amazing achievement and a movie that has received nothing but rave reviews for shining a light on the lives of India's poor. It has shot the cast to worldwide fame and acclaim and given them a chance to attend school and secure their futures in a way they would never have imagined in their wildest dreams.
And only one cinema in all of Athens is showing it. Slumdog Millionaire cleaned the board last night with its wins, but if you live in Athens you will have to really go out of your way to enjoy this Oscar winning sensation. That annoys me more than I can say. It must be one of the very few Oscar winning movies that got totally ignored by the cinema board of Greece. What a pity and what an insult.
Slumdog Millioanire
Daily at 7.30 pm
Apollon Filmcentre
Stadiou 19/Klauthmonos square
Athens city centre
ph: 210 3236811

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weetabx said...

Hey Bollybutton! According to, the movie opens wide in Greece on March 5th. Can't wait!

Anonymous said... it was a bit too quick to say 'what a pitty and what an insult'...

Anonymous said...

I went to see this movie and loved it!

No wonder it did so well!