Thursday, August 21, 2008


It turns out there is a variety of things you can do to make a long face go away. First of all, I cleaned up the place a little, especially the bathroom which, owing to no free time in the last two weeks, I had turned into an artistic installation of a real-life Bombay slum toilet.

Then just as I hit my lowest eb, Z2 popped over for his occassional afternoon chat. Z2 has a strange double effect on me. Whenever I feel down, he almost always succeeds in making me feel even worse due to his negative attitude to everything in life except getting laid.

We got onto the topic of natural childbirth (there has been an avalanche of babies in our social circle, not one of them naturally born) and the over medicalisation of childbirth in Greece. I said how I hoped to find a doctor who was pro-natural childbirth, maybe even pro-homebirth but how would I get a recommendation when everyone I know in Athens was carted off for a Caesarean? "Basically, you're screwed." he told me, and then fell about laughing. I didn't find it very funny at all.

But even though he makes me feel terrible when he should be making me feel better, he is also really nice to me so when he asked what would cheer me up I suggested a trip to the bakery and that's what we did. A few chocolate biscuits later, things were starting to look up.

I filled the gaping silence in my life with interesting documentary podcasts from BBC Radio 4 which allowed me to work and be entertained at the same time. Then I used my lunchbreak to get some laughs off Alien Loves Predator.

Tomorrow I'm going to Crete for a week. I think in the end that's what I really need. All work and no play makes Bollybutton a psychotic bitch.


GreekGoddess said...

Hope you're having a good time in Crete - and meeting lots of pro-natural childbirth mothers! XX

Claire said...

Dear BollyButton,

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Delaware said...

You might want to try looking on-line to find someone from the local La Leche League. Also, there is a group that used to advertise in the Athens News community events section...I think they were called Friendly Births. Doulas (midwives) do exist in Greece though they can be difficult to find. A friend of mine had one in Thessaloniki. So try La Leche and Friendly Births. If you are planning on breastfeeding you are going to want to get in touch with La Leche anyway.

Good luck.

itelli said...

Hey dudette. U alive?

Δεν σ'ακούω βρε παιδάκι μου... Κάτσε να πάρω το 0... :)

bollybutton said...

Hello all, I'm back off hols. I came straight off a ferry and onto a plane for a week in London but as of last night I'm back in Athens, feeling refreshed and recharged. I'm plotting my next blog post, when I come up with something good I'll post it x

Psofofeggaro said...

and we were starting to feel worried about you. Hmmm funny thing about cyberspace. When someone is away for a while we all get anxious and worried, although we know from personal expirience that away from cyberspace = too much d@mn good time to be spend that leaves no free time to be wasted on net.
:) hope you had actually a nice time :)