Saturday, March 08, 2008

Women's Day 2008

It's Women's Day again and I was thinking about what to post to reflect this day, and I decided to be selfish and write something about me, me, me. I spent all my teenage years shying away from compliments and all my early 20s playing down my successes. Pah! No more!

So here is what Bollybutton loves about Bollybutton and being Bollybutton.

  • I have lots of dark curly hair which I love, because it's different. I love that at a wedding of 600 guests I was the only curly haired woman.

  • When I look at my body, I love the way it is beautiful and not just functional.

  • I love that I was brave enough to love someone who I should never, ever have loved and that I fought and continue to fight for him. Four years ago when I fell in love I was terrified and unhappy because I was embarking on an impossible quest. Home Country girls do not love Greek men, no good can come of it. But it did, and I am proud of myself for having the guts to be so relentless in my pursuit of what I wanted against everyone's advice and against all the odds.

  • I love my birthmark. It sits just above my hip bone and above an operation scar, which I also love.

  • I like that my smile is not orange-slice shaped. It's sort of... bean shaped.

  • My favourite part of my body is my hands. My fingers are long and slender and if I had taken better care of them when I was living near the desert, I could have been a hand model.

  • I have enough faith in myself to know that if disaster struck and I was left alone in this world I could still take care of myself.

  • I love my mothering side and how I enjoy taking care of people.

  • I love that I have a technical mind. As a little girl I delighted in unscrewing and fixing broken toys. It also makes me really good at puzzles.

  • I love wearing saris and I think I look great in them.

  • I love the colour of my skin and everything that goes with it.

  • I'm very creative and I love that I have several random projects in progress at any one time.

  • I love my capacity to learn and how my mind seems to swallow up information.

  • I love how I am progressing myself and my career and didn't have to be a bitch to do it.
  • I am proud of myself, and happy that I reached a point where I can say that. Before I would shy away from a compliment or play down my achievements. But not any more! I worked hard to get where I am and be who I am and I'm proud! Go me!

  • Happy Women's Day! To see why this day is still relevant, click here.

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    Sara Jane said...

    Thanks for the inspiration! It's easy to loose self love...I needed a pick me up!

    deviousdiva said...

    Thanks for this bollybutton. I can't believe I actually missed Women's Day ! I totally forgot !

    I love your list and will try and work on one myself.

    Go you !

    AL said...

    Lovely post!
    What a great way to celebrate womens day.