Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why Isn't it Summer yet???

Oh God! I'm so fed up of it not being summer. Just when I thought the weather was on course to get hotter it's done a U-turn, British weather style. I'm sick of feeling cold all the time!!! Please someone turn the heating to 35C.

I don't feel inspired at the moment so have some fun with these songs, here, here and here. Spot the connecting factor.


deviousdiva said...

I opened all the vids at almost the same time ! And I laughed... a lot.

I can't wait for summer too. You'll have to come and chill out on my roof once it gets here !

Marilyn said...

I agree about summer! The weather gods are seriously playing with our heads. Every time I get my hopes up, the cold comes and brutally snatches it all away. It's tragic.

I've heard that beat everywhere. In the states, it's a favorite of club DJs - I've even heard it mixed with raggaeton. Interesting, to say the least!