Friday, October 12, 2007

Party Time!

Last night was what we call in the Homeland Moon Night, meaning the new moon was spotted.

Back home, when the moon was sighted, fireworks were let off and phonecalls were made wishing everyone a happy celebration the next day. All our friends would gather at our house where my mother would set up a henna conveyor belt and we'd stay up late talking and enjoying ourselves.

The next day all the kids would go from house to house in new clothes collecting money and getting overfed.

Yesterday I went to see my turkish friend to wish each other, eat too much and do henna together. Even though I wasn't able to locate a single event through any embassy for today, yesterday really set the mood for me and this morning I woke up full of energy and covered in henna crumbs.

Tonight we plan on cobbling together a gang to go out somewhere, anywhere, and dance the night away. I might feel like the only person in Greece celebrating, but I'll do it in style!

If you want to get into the you-know-what spirit, tune in here and dance like this.


AL said...

Oh man, sounds like you had fun! Can't wait for your next blog post.. and Happy Celebrating!

Hope said...

Hey Bollybutton!

Hope you had a great time this weekend! Let us know how it went!

Kali ebdomada! :)