Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's not me, it's You

I've finally realised what I suspected all along.

Mediterranean people are by and large all crazy. They all share the same hot-blooded passion/rage/irrationality, chauvenism and the belief that indicators on cars are just a decorative embellishment.

A Greek friend once told me no one in Greece/the Med wants to take responsibility for anything, just watch a Greek football game and you'll see how quickly a player tries to get rid of the ball as soon as he gets it.

Anywhere in the Med and the Home Country are the two places I don't trust the little green man to tell me when it's safe to cross the road, because, being Mediterranean, even he runs from his responsibilities and places them on my shoulders. There's no point me looking angrily at the drivers that carry on driving when the green man appears, I'm the one at fault.

I mean read this! Italy is planning a law that would force all bloggers to register with the state. This could only happen in a Mediterranean country. Do you know why? Imagine if your grandfathers and middle aged uncles were running a country. Most still rely on their mother/wife to buy their undies and consider the internet some left-wing conspiracy to topple them.

I wish the Italian bloggers good luck, but I can't help but laugh at how ridiculous this is.

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toomanytribbles said...

'Italy is planning a law that would force all bloggers to register with the state. This could only happen in a Mediterranean country.

no, this has already been going on in china. google it.

i'm with you on the responsibility- shirking in the area.

Daniel said...

Yes, we meds are all crazies. You wanna know what we think of you subcons? You really wanna know? Really?

I think you inadvertently highlight the insanity of pursuing "multiculturalism". Because the fact is we like our countries the way they are; they suit us. If they don't suit you, well don't come to live in them. Get it?

I mean, we have a right to determine our own lives, don't we? Or are we to be hostage to the whims of some subcon like you, to whom living in our country is just some "experiment" -- which presumably means that if it fails you'll simply depart, leaving us holding the pieces of the carnage you've wrecked. Follow?

So maybe you could get it through your head that *this* is why people object to the "dark little foreign girl", not *just* because she's a dark little foreign girl with ZERO appreciation of what it means to be Greek, who could not, herself, EVER become Greek, but because of what her presence here portends: calamitous change for US, because there is no shortage of dark little foreign girls like her back on the subcontinent, most of them desperate for the chance to bring their hides over here and tell us how we should be running our affairs all the better to serve them.

Get it?