Friday, July 20, 2007

Foot Paradise

In my greener days, I would wonder what is it about feet that drives people to develop a fetish about them. I mean, really? What's so hot about them? Of course I was wondering all this while looking at my own feet, which look like they were designed by Salvador Dali. No two toes are exactly alike.

Yet again I was attracting scornful looks yesterday when I wandered off downtown in my house slippers. No big deal, I thought, I can't be the only one wearing their house slippers out of the house. Wrong!

Greek women have the most perfect feet I've ever seen. On the metro I decided to carry out my own little survey and see what is the rate of ugly feet. I discovered that the rate of ugly feet is less than 1%, maybe even 0.5%. I wonder what the secret to their plump little toes is. How do they keep their feet so well hydrated? Mine look like dried prawns. I thought it might be because they wear closed shoes, but they don't. So what gives?

Greece must have a higher than normal incidence of people with foot fetishes and who can blame them. My Quasimodo feet had no where to hide yesterday thanks to me wearing capri jeans. They got scornful glances all the way home. When I got home and told Mr Zeus about my ordeal, he laughed at me and said it served me right for going out in my house slippers. So much for support on the home front!