Friday, June 29, 2007

El Arte de la Música

Yesterday after finishing work, I got dressed and headed off with Mr Zeus to fulfil my dream of seeing Buena Vista Social Club in concert at the open-air Braxon Theatre.
And what a concert it was! True to the rules of a superb performance, they got the crowd involved singing along and left the absolute best till last.
Last night, when they closed their encore with Dos Gardenias, it was a very special moment, an epiphany of sorts. "Wow," I thought, "How completely different my life is between hearing this track for the first time 4 years ago, alone and miserable in a rented house in Cardiff, and hearing it live, happy and content in Athens of all places."
Muchos besos Buena Vista Social Club, you were GREAT!


Marilyn said...

I came upon your blog a few days ago, and have been working my way through the posts from oldest to most recent. I didn't want to comment on any of the old posts (thought it might be weird to leave a comment on something you posted last year) but I HAD to say something about this one because I was so excited to read it. I'll be studying abroad in Athens for 4 months (I leave Jan. 20th!) and though I'm sure it will be fantastic, I worry about missing my culture too much. But if there is salsa in Greece, then there is hope...

Me encanta tu blog! Gracias :-)

bollybutton said...

Hi Marilyn, welcome! When you're in Athens, you should look up this place and this one both pretty good venues. Make a Greek friend and ask them to tell you how to get to these places. Or just send me another comment with your email and I'll get in touch for when you're in town! xx