Friday, April 20, 2007

Virtual Spring Cleaning

Ever feel weighed down by all the extra stuff in your house that you really don't need any more? I know I do. Sadly Greece doesn't seem to have a garage/carboot sale culture and so I can't find a profitable way of selling on my crap to other people. Mr Zeus says this is because people are shy about their neighbours knowing what they've got in the private folds of their apartment. 'Look at that toaster from 1975, times must be hard for Mr Popodopolous if they only JUST replaced it and are selling the old one.' That sort of thing.

I am ebay's number one customer in Athens I reckon, but I mean in buying terms. When it comes to selling, the price of posting things to customers in the UK or America is just too high to attract buyers.

Know what I mean? If you do,tell me what you think of this idea. I was thinking of setting up another blog page where we can advertise our stuff for sale. I wouldn't take a cut from it, it would literally be like an exchange and advertise page. You email me and I'll put your stuff plus a price and your contacts. I have a lot of things like books I've read and don't plan on reading again, DVDs, shoes etc.

Waiting to hear your opinions, we can start it up and take it from there. No one loses anything right?

By the way, the above idea is copyright of Bollybutton c. 2007 and I'll send the boys round if you steal it...



Blackbird said...

The trading page sounds cool - I came from somewhere where every month my school would hold a 'carboot sale' in their parking lot. My friends & I weren't interested in buying things like shoes or electrical appliances but it was great for books and random junk. It's pretty sad they don't do it here (I can imagine the horrified looks on most faces).

CaliforniaKat said...

I think you have a great idea. There is an existing auction site called, but I can't vouch for their credentials or success. eBay won't enter into agreement with a Greek firm because of security issues, buying culture and the lack of laws (and their enforcement) protecting consumers and sellers. Also, maybe you've encountered this with eBay, some people take advantage of sellers by claiming they never received an item even if they did so they can get a refund. This has made many UK and USA sellers suspicious or dead set against selling to anyone in Greece.

The thing about selling online is the majority of Greeks don't trust the Internet and think people will steal their private information. Expats aren't like that, perhaps.

Off the Internet, one of my Greek friend's mom won't even take a box of unopened pasta because she thinks it's "dirty" or a sign that she can't afford her own, even if it's coming from a longtime friend who is leaving the country and just doesn't want to waste it.

Some charities like SPAZ, run by English women, have carboot sales in Glyfada on Sunday. Many people just put an ad in the Chrysi Efkairia or other publication to sell things.

There may be other options out there, I just don't know what they are.