Friday, April 13, 2007

Athens in Spring

Mmmm what is it about a Mediterranean spring that makes you want to get naked and run through the orange groves?

While resisting my urges to be at one with nature, I am welcoming with open the arms the warmer tinge that the breeze has, the adoring caress of the spring sun and the evening breeze that is filled with the amazing scent of orange and lemon blossom.

The combination is wonderful. It's also very distracting and I'm not getting any work done.



CaliforniaKat said...

Hi BB! I found your through EllasDevil and glad I did. I stop in once in awhile and finally decided to say 'hi' and leave a message because I found the photo so hilarious. Ain't springtime grand? :)

betabug said...

Spring is great in Athens, just the right balance between "it's finally getting warm, winter is over" and "damn heat, why can't I go to an island".

Is it just me or is the smell of the air also much, much better in Spring? (Unless of course you happen to be caught in our usual athenian traffic with matching exhaust fumes.)