Thursday, December 07, 2006

New Lows

If you had the misfortune of being downtown yesterday between 7-9.30pm anywhere around Plaka and Syntagma, my apologies in advance.

Yesterday was the culmination of several days of flat-out deadline meeting with work, leaving me no time to do any laundry. When I was finally able to wash some clothes, they were still not dry by the time I went downtown. Realising with 15 minutes to spare that I had a bus to catch, my primary motivation was warmth.

Hence, beautiful people of Athens, yesterday evening I assaulted your eyes with the following combination:

- An oversized, clean-ish beige jumper belonging to Mr Zeus
- Grey baggy sports bottoms with an orange stripe down each side. Not so bad if it wasn't for the fact that I had slept in them the night before AND spent all day yesterday in them
- A brown scooter jacket with furry collar, missing a drawstring on one side.
- Scuffed red sports shoes
- An out-of-place nice looking brown shoulder bag

Having had too much work to do to care, I couldn't be bothered less what I looked like as I exited my humble abode. However, it's only when you have sunk to new depths of fashion abuse that you realise how well-dressed Athenians are.

My entire time out I caught scornful/horrified glances. The look on the women's eyes was: How revolting / That poor little refugee
The men was more: I looked up for THAT?!/ That poor little refugee

So I want to apologise. Let me make it clear that while my fashion sense is 65% towards practical, 25% decent and 8% glamorous, it tends to stick to an annual 2% of absolutely terrible.

I'll try to make sure it doesn't happen again, oh well-dressed Athenians!


Yuva said...

guess, athenians dressings - all driven toward maintaining perception

alison said...

Oh man... you are a brave soul... i feel your pain. I struggle with the same thing. Its hard for us who come from the grunge age.... thanks kurt!

after i cameback from my first trip to greece i made sure to buy new jeans that actually showed more 'butt' shape. Yea.. i fell for it, its really impossible not to just throw in the towel and go with the culture.