Friday, December 03, 2010

An Apology to CaliforniaKat

I have a confession to make, along with an apology.

I've been blogging for four years now, and though it's mostly been a fun experience, from time to time it has been pretty rotten due to some fairly scathing comments I get.

A few years back I started to get some anonymous and particularly harsh comments berating my blog and its content, my lifestyle, and criticising my writing a blog about settling in Athens when I did not have to go through any of the difficulties that someone who comes here totally on their own does. This includes being portrayed as some sort of ex-pat gold digger who speaks no Greek, riding on the back of my sugar daddy older husband.

Anyway, if you're wondering where this post is going, it is directed at CaliforniaKat, journalist and the author of an excellent blog

For some reason, I got the impression that CaliforniaKat didn't like me very much, and based on this one feeling along with the writing style of some of the comments, I did the most childish thing possible and assumed it was her that was making anonymous and nasty comments.

I'm ashamed to say that I responded in a very stupid way. CaliforniaKat is a successful journalist and her articles appear in a popular British publication from time to time. I used the comment forums on these articles to make some pretty mean and personal attacks on her and her work.

A lot of time has passed and a lot has changed. I know it doesn't make up for my behaviour, but I would like to apologise. I'm not at all sure it will be accepted and there is no agenda behind this. The truth is I should have known better than to assume someone like CaliforniaKat would be bothered enough (or even have the time) to not only read my blog but also to write nasty comments about it.

CaliforniaKat, it's probably an apology too late. I think you are very talented and your blog is an exceptional resource. And yes, the truth is I was jealous. I call myself a journalist but the fact is I am not, nor will I probably ever be one. You on the other hand are successful in a way that I truly envy.

I would just like to say that I was very childish in my behaviour and I'm sorry about that.


jinjir minjir said...

In spanish we call this "cojones". Not that I ever doubted you having them...

Brionna said...

There's nothing worse than anonymous comments, leaving you no direct way to engage "anonymous" directly regarding their postings. Although I believe it's in our nature to want to direct the frustration somewhere, it is unfortunate you thought it was Kat. I have relied on her blog for more information than I knew I needed.

Good for you to come clean and apologize. She's a good person and I think you'll be forgiven.

Now if we could just do something about those who aren't courageous enough to back up their words with their name.


bollybutton said...

It's not about trying to come off as big and brave. When I think back to the things I wrote on some of her articles, I really don't know what I was thinking. I'm disappointed with myself.

I just am genuinely sorry for being such a pig about it.

Anonymous said...

dear Bollybutton,
Maybe being a foreigner here in Greece and feeling a huge plummet in your own self confidence might have had something to do with it. I do not recognise myself somedays and other days I am perfectly sane and I came here a lot older than you. I hope she does forgive you but maybe you need to loosen up as what on earth prompted the public confessions. From Scotchesa in thessaloniki cannot work out how to identify myself using your sign in bits all too b complicated

Anonymous said...

Everyone makes mistakes; the important thing is to have the humility to admit it and ask forgiveness. I admire your attitude.

I hope you are well, it's been a while but I'm sure you're enjoying Greece as much as always. Who knows, maybe next year I'll come and visit you! =)

XX GeekGoddess XX

Anonymous said...

It has been a while since we've heard from you. I miss your brilliant takes on practically every subject that you write about.

Ok, you made a silly mistake, you feel stupid, but you have apologized with gusto and sincerity. Now it is time to write again.

You have a wonderful gift of observation and commentary. Your posts are as good or better than those of columnists in the establishment media these days. You pick up on nuance and write with humor and affection. Your posts are a joy to read.

Your last post was so honest and so sad that now, after not hearing from you for 3 weeks, I'm worried.

The 'holiday season" should present you with plenty to write about, so "chin-up" young lady and get back to your keyboard. You have admirers! A lot of them.

Anonymous said...

Yes, alright already! Your readers are waiting.....

caramelo said...

Where are you? Start posting, please ;) People come here to read you. Everybody makes misdjugments, mistakes, etc, but you have to be a great woman to recognize it and apologise. Then, carrie on, whe are waiting.

greetings from Coimbra, Portugal.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Tom! I've been reading you ever since I arrived in Athens 3 years ago... It was - is still - comforting to read of the daily adventures of a fellow kseni in Athens!... especially to have voiced many of them so similar to mine. Keep writing!! Kai kali xronia...