Monday, August 02, 2010

Anarchist Groups Celebrate End of Petrol Shortage

Anarchist groups across Greece broke into spontaneous celebrations today as the end of the week-long trucker strike was announced.

The strike which led to severe shortages of petrol across the whole country, with 80-90% of all petrol pumps running dry, has been wildly unpopular in a country where ones right to strike is usually begrudgingly supported no matter how much inconvenience it causes.

Tourists and the Greek public alike had their holidays ruined by the lack of petrol leaving them stranded at home or far away from home.

But the lack of petrol caused particular distress to the country's very active anarchist factions.

Petrol is an important ingredient - some might say THE SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT ingredient in the Greek anarchist's calling card, the Molotov cocktail. 99.9% of anarchists surveyed agreed it was impossible to petrol bomb a shop or car without petrol.

"I've been fielding calls all week from young anarchists searching for an alternative, viable source of fuel for molotov cocktails" said Yiannis Thanassos of the Greek Anarchist Hotline.

"People were panicking and making all kinds of stupid enquiries about things that are just not viable fuel"

Not viable fuel

"It shows the level of desperation young Greek anarchists felt. This strike almost ruined our plans for a summer of mayhem!" he added angrily.

But the general feeling in Athens this morning was one of relief as the blockade was lifted and petrol pumps restocked.

"This is a great day for all anarchists," said Maria, 19. "Without petrol, works of anarchy like the Syntagma Christmas Tree of 2008 would not be possible."

Stavros, 21 said "Those pelicans in Florida or wherever it is can go to hell! Hooray for petrol!"

Stop being such a drama queen!

A spokesperson for the Greek Anarchist Youth Club confirmed that the end of the blockade would be celebrated with a Molotov cocktail making contest tonight at their headquarters.

Disclaimer: I don't think this strike was particularly funny, seeing as it ruined the much awaited holidays for so many people. I don't think oil spills are funny either. This disclaimer is to make my views clear and protect me from people with no sense of humour.

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