Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Once I Had a Love and I danced Bharat Natyam

In Monday'sriveting episode of GNTM, the girls had a pop icon photoshoot. How old did I feel when 18 year old Denia didn't know who Debbie Harry aka Blondie was?

For those not in the know, this is Debbie Harry:

and this is Denia not being Debbie Harry:

Needless to say, she got the boot.

Meanwhile, Mr Zeus is always telling me that you can find ANYTHING you need in Athens, and he was right. Can you guess what I found? A Greek lady with a classical Indian dance school: http://www.shantala.gr/index1.html


Anonymous said...

Just to fool around a bit, I believe there was a a Greek yoga teacher in Athens(?) who had written on the subject of the Indo-european languages in the subcontinent and was sure, to paraphrase him, that the "linguistic ancestors of the Indic speakers are indigenous to the subcontinent".

See, you can possibly find even Hindutvadis, of a sort, in Athens.

PS: to make you feel younger, pfft as if -being confident about your age- you care for that, I'm 20 and know (of course!) who Harry is

PPS: Plastic Letters is way better than Parallel Lines

Maria said...

Dude you've gotten me hooked on this out of a curiosity to see how the other girls fared in this episode. But unfortunately I've been surviving on the 10 minute segments youtube offers. I can't watch the full episodes because I'm in the UK. :(

Phil said...

An incredibly creative title combining a song by Blondie and the name of a classical indian dance.

Anonymous said...

To Maria: Yes you can. There are sites dedicated to watching greek tv. GNTM is availanble on steki.gr and also check out www.greek-movies.com which is an index of greek tv shows that are online. ;)