Monday, November 23, 2009

Start the Week with a Bang!

In less than one month's time, we pass the winter solstice which means the days then start to get longer and summer will be approaching day by day. With Athens basking in 20C and sunshine the last week, reaching this milestone doesn't feel all that impossible.

Hooray for living in Greece, where you can get a tan even in the winter! Here's to the summer just a couple of months away!!

ps: Bollywood Beauty Bags now up on ebay via the link in my blogroll, and my online shop which I'm trying so far unsuccessfully to direct to the domain name I purchased:


Theodosios said...

Reading this and watching the video from rainly oxford where it has been raining cats and dogs for the last two weeks it is sooooooo refreshing and also sooooo depressing! Made me smile though!

Louise said...

Hi, I like the look of your store. Hope you don't mind if I suggest things that maybe would be interesting to people (i.e. me!)e.g. spices, pickles, chutney's. Also books by Asian Authors, DVDs, CDs of bollywood movies etc. (with Greek sub-titles, as my husband is Greek and cannot sit through a full 3 hours of hindi-English!) What about Indian sweets (sold in a tin.)?

Best of luck with the store and hope it all goes well for you!

bollybutton said...

I *heart* this idea Louise! I will have to research into it, as my middle people are kind of half-hearted, I get the feeling they think my little venture isn't going to work. So gotta search for myself. But that's a really good idea. Thanks for suggesting!

Louise said...

I will keep an eye on your shop - looking forward to the lots of good stuff there!