Monday, October 26, 2009

Bolly Does Business!

After giving it some thought for a really long time, probably too long, I have finally decided to go the ebay route and sell stuff online. I mean, I've given ebay enough business over the years, it's time to get some of it for myself!

There's not much up at the moment, but I'm waiting for a whole bunch of goodies that I'm going to post online in the next few days, like spice sets and of course prompted by interest from friends and this blog, my own home-made curry mix and home-made face and body scrub.

Postage will of course be a lot cheaper for anyone buying inside of Greece, and if there is interest within Greece I plan to sell my own 100% safe and natural henna mix that is safe enough to use on children, totally chemical free and gives a wonderful deep red stain that turns maroon over two days. The only thing is that since the henna is preservative free, I can only post the fresh mix as and when requested and within Greece only. Otherwise it'll lose it's bang by the time it arrives. But I want to know if I offered it, would you buy it?

Check here. I don't have an ebay shop at the moment, since I'm just starting out.This link will now be permanently displayed in my Blog roll and updated as new goodies come in.

What do you think? What kind of stuff would you like to find offered by me which you struggle to find already? Saris? Bindis? Spice mixes? I'm all ears!


AL said...

Congrats to taking the first step!

Anonymous said...

How about a service of "custom postings" - like you would go buy something a person specifically tells you they want and post it for them (for me, the item would be shiny new tamata).

Psofofeggaro said...

Great idea :)

bollybutton said...

Ooooh good idea!

My latets idea is a bollywood beauty box containing a host of yummy traditional Indian beauty products. That should be up this weekend.

mib said...

Good luck, bollybutton! I'm a long time reader and absolutely adore your blog. I'm in the States, but I look forward to seeing what you'll have on offer. If you ever get a minute, I'd love to get your input on Greek men on the blog I recently started at the URL below.