Friday, September 04, 2009

Fruit of the Gods

September has rolled around and reared her ugly head at last, and it seems summer will be over all too soon. From the 1st of September, Greeks start wishing each other a happy autumn, words that depress the living daylights out of me. Seems I waited forever for summer and now it's leaving again.

That doesn't mean that the taste of summer still can't be enjoyed. If you are the sort who doesn't start freaking out when outnumbered by dark-skinned foreigners, I recommend a trip to Menandrou Street in downtown Athens, just off Athinas (metro stop Omonia).

Down this street, the jewels of summer can still be enjoyed - boxes of yellow, fragrant, dizzyingly sweet mangoes from the Home Country. No one should ever decide what they think about mangoes without eating Home Country mangoes, which are universally believed to be the best on the market. They have a silky, juicy texture that Caribbean mangoes can only dream of.

Mangoes can be bought by piece or by 5 kilo boxes. I usually get the whole box for around EUR 15 and share the contents with other mango lovers.

And if you still need convincing, mangoes are considered to be aphrodisiacs, with the saying going that there is no clean and tidy way to enjoy a mango or a woman.

Oh, I do declare Miss Bollybutton! How can one be talking about eating and aphrodisiacs in the middle of the holy month!



vultures said...

That picture is KILLING me. Back home the gardener would bring us enormous plastic bags stuffed with mangoes, heavenly. I'd gorge myself until I was over-saturated with the stuff. The best ones I've had have always been from Thailand - but now I'm really tempted to try one from your neck of the woods!

Decision time! Which is better - scoring the flesh of each half into diamonds and flipping the halves inside out or slicing the mangoes up into separate pieces for a plate?

bollybutton said...

Oh oh I vote mango hedgehogs, like you said, scoring the flesh and flipping them inside out. Also, mango cups are also fun, slice all the way around the middle and twist the two halves in opposite directions till they pop apart. Get a spoon and enjoy! Go for it, mango season is nearly over, go get a couple of mangoes and enjooooy

al said...

my stock is done. arrgghhhh help!!